Allegedly, Honor 20 Pro’s DxOMark Score is Above 100

While the preparations for the launch of the Honor 20 series, which will be held in London on May 21, are continuing, photos that can reflect the DxOMark score of the Honor 20 Pro have started to circulate. As you can see below, there are three lines representing the three digits in the photo, which indicates that the Honor 20 Pro’s DxOMark score will be above 100.


DxOMark is the ‘industry standard’ when it comes to the image quality of smartphones and cameras. To rate a camera or smartphone, DxOMark first analyzes the device. Photographs taken for analysis are evaluated for exposure, contrast, color, sound, autofocus and repeatability, flash, zoom and more. The scores of all these elements are combined into a single score, which makes it easier to compare smartphone cameras.

Honor20 photoa sample 3

Honor20 photoa sample 2

If the Honor 20 Pro truly scores above 100, it will join the growing list of ‘tri-notch’ devices. However, what makes this news really interesting is that the majority of the phones on that list are high-end phones and their prices are quite expensive. The Honor 20 Pro is expected to be a mid-range phone, so if the Honor 20 Pro achieves this camera score at a cheap price, it can be highly appreciated by users.

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