Amazon to Give $10,000 to Resigning Employees

Amazon continues to look for solutions to make deliveries faster due to the order density. In fact, Amazon, which stated that it was looking for new entrepreneurs on this issue in the past, is now encouraging its employees to quit their jobs and establish their own distribution networks. In fact, this incentive is so great that the company announced that it will give 10 thousand dollars (approximately 60 thousand TL) and 3 months’ salaries to its resigned employees in cash. After Amazon’s announcement, it was stated that many employees looked hot on the subject.


Dave Clark, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at Amazon, made some statements on the subject. Stating that many people applied for the expansion of the distribution network, including their employees, Clark stated that they learned that the financial situation of some employees was not suitable for this venture, and as a result, they decided to provide financial support to the employees. The e-commerce giant, which sends its deliveries with MNG Cargo, Aras Cargo, AGT and Kolay Gelsin in our country, works with UPS and FedEX in the USA.

Within the scope of the distribution partnership launched, it has been reported that Amazon has agreed with 200 people or institutions so far. Announcing that it will also support its employees, Amazon is expected to make hundreds of new deals by the end of the year. With these initiatives, Amazon aims to reach its customers faster.

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