Ambitious Video for Super-Accelerated Roadster from Tesla

As it is known, Tesla Roadster can reach 100 KM in 1.9 seconds. The Roadster, which you can own for $ 200,000, is among Tesla’s most ambitious cars. It comes with its high torque, four-wheel drive system. Tesla Roadster, which is known to have an increased version of the autopilot feature found in all vehicles produced by Tesla, seems to make a name for itself.


In the video published on Tesla’s official Twitter account, the Roadster’s high acceleration was tried to be clearly demonstrated. The fact that the video title was chosen as “faster than you read this title” reveals how ambitious Tesla is.

This video of the Roadster was highly liked by the followers, but Tesla did not respond when a user stated that he read fast and waited for the video to end. It was stated that the Roadster exceeded 100 KM in half of the 4-second video published. The countdown continues for the Roadster, which will be released in 2020.

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