An Unborn Baby Became an Influencer on Instagram

There are people who influence and direct how people live on social media. We’ve all met at some point with these people who usually introduce themselves as influencers. In some rare cases, these people are among the people that everyone calls ‘annoying’, although they provide valuable information as well as showing the beautiful life they live.

Of course, if you take into account that social media has a habit of carrying everything to the extreme, it will not be difficult to guess that someone will run this influencer situation at the borders. After adult influencers, kidfluencers, which are the combination of the word kid, which means child, and the word influencer, which is derived from the word influence, which means to inspire, have also started to appear.


As we said at the beginning, influencers are people who are followed by giving you life advice and advice. First of all, if you’re in such a bad situation to seek advice from a six-year-old, things are really not going well for you, but rest assured, we’re just getting started.

An unborn baby has more followers on Instagram than you


Even if we assume that 6-year-old influencers are abnormally knowledgeable and solve the world , there is also a concept called unborn influencers . Halston Blake Fisher, who is expected to be born in March, is an Instagram influencer with exactly 113,000 followers at the time of writing this news. According to the statement of his father, Kyler Fisher, the baby’s shares, which receive sponsorship money between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars from the posts on his Instagram page, also receive 40,000 likes.


Even if we leave this unborn influencer aside, the number of examples is quite large. Families don’t seem to care at all about these issues, which have sparked great controversy over the privacy of minors. In addition to all these, the fact that such things are still not being prevented after YouTube’s child abuse crisis raises a lot of question marks.

What is your opinion when considering the ethical dimension of all these events and events? If you also think that the consent of children of this age cannot be obtained, do you think that a sanction should be applied to the families or some kind of age limit regulation should be brought to social media? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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