Android Q Future with Enhanced Audio and Video Quality

Android Q will take the quality of the videos you watch or the music you listen to on your device to the next level. Let’s start with the video, as you know, HDR10+ support is coming. With this technology, we can say that the image on your screen will have the same colors as in real life.

With HDR10+, your phone will have dynamic profiles on its screen. This means that your device’s screen will be shaped according to each frame of the video you play. In this way, there will be no noise in dark images, blue colors will not appear black or ‘Stop’ signs will not appear in the same color as fire trucks. So you will be able to view both a bright sky and a dark alley in excellent quality. This isn’t the only innovation that will improve your video quality: Android Q will support the AV1 codec. Thanks to AV1, videos can be viewed in high quality with 20% less resources.

AV1 logo 2018

As for the sound quality, Android Q will have support for the Opus codec. Just like any other codec, source files will be recorded in excellent quality. So the sound coming out of your device will be of excellent quality.

Opus logo2

This move by Google is a great indication that it cares about its users, as smartphones have changed our traditional habits of watching videos on computers or televisions. Google wants to do everything it can to make you love your Android phone, and better audio/video quality is a great way to start.

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