Android Q Will Come With Built-in Desktop Mode

The Android operating system has always supported desktop modes, but this required manufacturer-supported apps like Samsung DeX or custom ROMs like Remix Singularity. With Android Q, Google is taking Android out of a mobile operating system and making it a desktop-supported operating system.

In fact, Google’s own desktop mode, hidden inside Android Q’s developer options, is nothing more than a desktop version of the Android Q interface. Therefore, instead of a functional mode like Samsung DeX, it offers a more large-screen Android Q experience.


Developer Daniel Blandford noticed that Android Q’s desktop mode supports third-party launchers and developed a launcher. Developed by Daniel Blandford, the launcher gets a functional taskbar, shortcuts and widget support, unlike Android Q’s built-in mod. The result is an interface between Windows and Chrome OS.

As you can see from the video below, Android Q desktop mode offers a very functional and pleasant interface with third-party launchers. Daniel Blandford states that this interface is an early development product and will be much better when Android Q is released.

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