Another Domestic and National System from HAVELSAN

HAVELSAN has developed a new system for the detection and measures of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats threatening human life. The export potential of this system developed by HAVELSAN is thought to be quite high.

The CBRN system includes all processes for pre-event preparation, incident response, post-incident purification and implementation of recovery activities. The CBRN Information System uses the Lagrangian particle distribution model as well as NATO standards in determining the regions that will be affected by such events.


The CBRN Information System will be able to meet the needs of institutions, organizations and teams at both strategic, operational and tactical levels in an integrated manner. In addition to the CBRN Information System, by-products such as KBRN-Köprü, KBRN-Haber and KBRN-Mobil were also developed.

By-product CBRN-Haber is used as a warning and reporting tool. While CBRN-Bridge offers integration solutions, KBRN-Mobil is designed for use in the field. Thanks to CBRN-Bridge and CBRN-Mobil by-products, the data collected is transferred to the main system and event management can be handled in near-real time with accurate data.

CBRN-BS Product Manager Burcu Türköver said that going to the scene in CBRN incidents is very dangerous for people, “We designed and produced an unmanned vehicle in this direction. We ensure that the data taken from the field is transferred to the central system with the detectors and sensors related to CBRN that we add on the vehicle, and necessary analyzes are made by taking into account the meteorological and geographical data. Thus, we provide a decision support mechanism to the users by revealing which regions the event will affect and when, the spread calculations.” said.

Saying that this system is not unique in the world, Türköver said, “It is the first domestic and national CBRN Information System product in Turkey. There is no equivalent in the world. Because we aim to bring together both military and civilian needs and cover them all.” used the expressions.

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