Another Tesla Model caught fire while parked

Whether it is electric, gasoline or LPG; Every car has a chance of getting burned after an accident. However, so far, there is no official statistics that electric cars burn more than gasoline cars. However, the news of ‘Tesla car burned’, which has increased recently, started to draw attention.

A Tesla car parked in Shanghai, China caught fire by itself. According to the images reflected on the security cameras, the fire started under the vehicle, which means that the fire was caused by the battery. The images provide no clue that the vehicle was charging at the time of the fire.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the news, it is not abnormal for vehicles to catch fire after an accident, but it is quite thought-provoking that a parked vehicle catches fire while it is standing still.

Tesla will provide more detailed information after completing its investigation on the incident, but the recent increase in news that Tesla cars have been burned makes the trust in electric cars questionable.

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