Ant-Man’s Answer to the Known Question: Why Did Thanos Shrun…

One of Marvel’s newest superheroes to bring to the Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man Even after the end of his story, Thanos at the end of the universe, for now, he did not answer some of the questions that occurred in his mind. One of these questions was how a character who had become so small, in particular, was not able to defeat their main enemies ‘in some ways’.

So today, one of those questions has been answered, freed from most of what makes Marvel Marvel. In a new short clip shown on Disney’s Wish ship, Ant-Man answers the obvious question hundreds of millions have been wondering about: Why didn’t he shrink down and get into Thanos’ butt?

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Ant-Man’s explanation about the obvious question:

Ant-Man, who made a statement on the screen with Wasp, “I’ve heard a lot about why I didn’t shrink down and ‘walk in’ and kill Thanos in a really creative way. First off, this is disgusting. Second, it’s more complicated than you might think. Let me explain.”used the expressions.

After Ant-Man’s words, Wasp interrupts by saying ‘If we had time’ and actually said that the problem was the problem. the answer is still not given one bit . In particular, it deals with superheroes with a different understanding. The Boys While there was a similar scene in the series, this clip from Marvel naturally caused The Boys fans to gather under the sharing. Of course, we can’t put that scene in the show here for some understandable reasons.

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