Apple Loses Its Battle With Swatch

Apple lost the legal battle with the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch. According to the news in The Sydney Morning Herald, Apple lost the “One more thing” war with Swatch.

Apple said in its defense to the Australian Trade Mark Office that Swatch could not use the phrase “One more thing”. The reason why Apple does not want this phrase to be used by Swatch is because Steve Jobs uses it regularly during Apple Keynotes. Apple said this phrase is their trademark and Swatch should not be allowed to use it.


Swatch said that the phrase “One more thing” was inspired by the TV detective Columbo, who often uses the phrase “Just one more thing”. As a result of the lawsuit, the judge Adrian Richards took a stance in favor of Swatch and decided that Apple would pay the watch manufacturer’s attorney fees. Richard said that Apple never used the phrase “One more thing” in certain services.

Apple had lost a similar battle to Swatch in Australia before in Switzerland. In that case, Apple filed a lawsuit against the phrase “Tick Different” used by Swatch. Apple said that they used the phrase “Think Different”, which is their slogan, to their advantage. However, in this case, the court sided with Swatch.

Although Apple lost to the Swiss watch manufacturer in court battles, they have established a great advantage in the field. The tech giant’s watch sales far exceed that of the entire Swiss watch industry.

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