Apple Might Name Big-Screen iPhone Model as iPhone 14 Plus

With the reports published in the last few months, it was claimed that the large-screen iPhone model, which will be launched in September, will be called the iPhone 14 Max. However, according to the latest published reports, the model in question iPhone 14 Maxin its place iPhone 14 Plusallegedly called.

As you know, Apple offers users two different screen sizes on iPhone Pro models. It has been stated that the technology giant, which names these models as Pro and Pro Max, will also bring its large-screen model to non-Pro devices, according to recent reports.

In line with the information shared by Naver, the 14 Plus model A15 Bionicwill be powered by the processor and 6.7-inch LTPS OLED It is stated that it will be built on the screen. At the same time, the Plus model dual cameraIt is stated that it will also have the installation.

It is unclear why Apple would choose the Plus name over Max. However, ProMaxand Maxmodels will create a response in the minds of users and therefore the company’s latest iPhone 8used in the series PlusIt is thought to bring back his name.

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