Apple Recalls Its Adapters

Apple recently stated that it will be returning certain adapters. The reason Apple is repurposing adapters is, on the off chance, an electric shock when the adapters are touched if they break. This applies to three-prong adapters.

The adapters mentioned were supplied with Apple devices such as Mac, iPhone, iPad between 2003-2010. It was also sold as the ‘Apple World Travel Adapter Kit’. Apple has stated that it is aware of the problem and will include these adapters in the exchange program. In addition, it was said that no Apple USB power adapters are included in the recall.

Apple wants users to stop using adapters.


Although recall is optional, the company asks customers to stop using adapters, keeping customer safety in mind. It is stated that the adapters affected by the recall are white and three-prong, with no letters in the inner slot where it plugs into the main Apple power adapter. You can drill down on Apple’s website to find out which adapters are affected.

Apple is redirecting affected customers to a support page so they can include their adapters in the exchange program. Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod serial numbers are required to prove that the customer owns one of these devices. Devices can be exchanged through the Apple store or authorized Apple service provider, following the operations performed through online support.

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