Apple Removes 3D Touch Feature from New iPhones

The 3D Touch technology, which first came into our lives with the iPhone 6S and allowed to make sense of the amount of pressure, offered additional options when applied on the applications in the main menu, changing the cursor in the text on the keyboard and pen thickness in drawing programs.


According to a report that emerged last week, this technology will be removed from iPhone models that will be introduced in 2019. Although there is no information about why Apple wants to follow a path in this way, it is estimated that the Silicon Valley giant company wants this technology to be replaced by Haptic Touch (which gives feedback from the Haptic Engine vibration engine after a long press), which is also found in the iPhone XR model.


Apple is expected to reveal more details about the 3D Touch feature at the Apple Developer Conference (WWDC 2019) to be held next Monday. According to some experts, after this conference, Apple is likely to remove the 3D Touch feature from all iPhones currently in use with iOS 13 and replace it with the Haptic Touch feature.

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