Apple Trying to Combine iOS and macOS

Apple is working on a project that Microsoft worked on for years and ultimately failed. In a published report, it was stated that Apple developers are working on the integrated use of many features used in the iOS system by macOS.


According to this situation, which is expected to be announced at the Apple Developer Conference to be held in June, users will be able to use the screen time application on both iOS and macOS. In addition, the Siri application can be used in a similar way to screen time.

Apple aims to do what Microsoft couldn’t in this way. As it is known, Microsoft made such an attempt for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, but when the failures did not stop, they had to shelve the mobile operating system completely. It is not yet known what Apple can do and how successful it will be in this regard, but compared to the Windows 10 operating system, iOS and macOS are thought to be much more successful in this regard.

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