Application that earns money when you complete tasks: Yandex Toloka

Making money online is a rather superficial and misleading statement for end users. As our social media and internet experiences become more personalized, everything gets easier. For this reason, we see mobile applications that provide real money, coupons and discounts to their users.

In this sense, the mobile application called Yandex Tolaka, which has been serving for a while, draws attention. In the application serving in Turkey, you are given tasks, and when you perform them, you receive small payments in return.


Tasks in Yandex Toloka usually run on Yandex Maps. You can update the information of a location, and enter detailed information about the places you have visited for Maps. In addition, off-map tasks are given in the application, where you can analyze and report the contents of a website.

With this application, Yandex wants to increase the amount of information it has and improve its search results. For this, payment is made in return for the data that you have collected from you and that you have entered with your own hands.

If you wish, you can turn on offline mode and perform tasks that are suitable for doing without internet, and you will receive your payment when you reconnect to the internet. The withdrawal time from your account can take from a few minutes to a few days. Depending on the geography you are in, the payment service you use and the connected bank account, this period may extend up to 30 days.

You can download and try Yandex.Toloka from the links below. Finally, let’s say that those under the age of 18 cannot earn money even if they use this application.

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