Applications for the certified “machine learning” summer camp are open!

Emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics are transforming the labor market. Employers now expect such competencies from their employees. Undergraduate and graduate students who want to gain 21st century skills and have a say in the business world of the future can apply for a free summer camp focused on machine learning until 22 June.

The concept of big data has recently become the center of growth and profitability for many institutions. According to a related study by Accenture, 79% of corporate executives believe that organizations that do not incorporate big data into their growth strategies will lose their competitiveness. The growing importance of big data has introduced new concepts such as machine learning and data science, while also changing workforce demands and companies’ expectations from employees. 21st century skills such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, programming languages ​​have become the competencies most frequently encountered in job postings. The online education platform Miuul aims to bring young people with high technology competencies to the country by acting with the aim of contributing to Turkey’s analytical power. For this purpose and based on insights into the workforce of the future, it opened a free Machine Learning Summer Camp for undergraduate and graduate students.

Miuul CEO Vahit Keskin, who shared his views on the summer camp, whose application process continues until June 22, on the Miuul website, said, “Machine learning has turned into one of the critical competencies of today. The importance of this competence becomes even more apparent when we consider the projections for the workforce. The labor market is undergoing a transformation where emerging technologies will move young workers to important positions in the business world more rapidly. As Miuul, an online education platform that designs career journeys for the professions of the future, based on these observations, we have designed a completely free comprehensive education program for undergraduate and graduate students who want to improve themselves in areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, and who do not have any income.

Employers seek machine learning competence from their employees

Stating that there was no such profession as a data scientist until thirty years ago, Vahit Keskin said, “When we consider that digitalization shapes many industries today, it is understandable that data scientists and artificial intelligence experts have turned into the most demanded employees. Employers focus on teammates who melt math, computer science, business trends in one pot. At this point, as Miuul, we are aware of the difficulties experienced in the process of learning the relevant competencies. Inferences from the job postings of Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta, which predicts that future jobs will be more creative than the traditional workforce, show that the company demands competencies such as Python programming language and machine learning from its employee candidates. We can also see that some international platforms working with the aim of presenting these competencies to their participants have various difficulties for the participants in Turkey. As Miuul, which produces original Turkish educational materials in related fields, we aim to contribute to the trained human resources that our country needs in emerging technologies with our free Machine Learning Summer Camp. While our summer camp will be held online in July with the participation of undergraduate and graduate students, Miuul will progress in line with the educational content and will be supported by live mentor lessons.” said.

Training contents and live mentor classes will be conducted together

Reminding that certificates will be given to the participants who successfully complete the program, Miuul CEO Vahit Keskin concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “The trainings, which cover topics such as Python programming, feature engineering, introduction to machine learning, regression analysis, unsupervised learning, cover all the development stages of a machine learning project. As an organization with expert staff who have trained over 200 thousand users so far, we offer university students an accelerated start on the way to reach the competencies required by their future professions with this camp in Miuul. The application results of the free Miuul Machine Learning Summer Camp, which was shaped with the most practical curriculum with real data, real-life applications, with the support of mentors with experience in national and international companies, will be announced on 24 June. The application form and program details are available on the Miuul website.”

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