Are you sure you are not being followed?

It’s getting easier and easier for cyberstalkers to track, analyze, and even physically track their victims. In some extreme cases, we’ve seen incidents on social media that started with a simple “follow” and ended in murder.

If you’ve watched the Netflix series “You”, you may have had an alarming revelation about how followers are targeting and raising their hapless victims in this digital age. Unfortunately, the internet can offer so many possibilities that a follower can build the tools they need to collect and store a damaging amount of information. The trick is knowing how to protect yourself from potential tracking and online stalking.

I recently asked my friends on Facebook if they were willing to share their personal stories about cyber stalking with me; so I can learn how these vagrants work and that way I can help others reduce that risk. If there was one word to sum up how I felt when I listened to so many separate stalking episodes from some of my female friends, it would be “creepy.”

For someone to notice you somewhere, you only need to tag your own location and then anyone will contact you. It remains to be seen that if we’re going to “check-in” in real time, we need to at least keep our accounts private.

In my Facebook post, I asked my friends if they shared their location with their spouses or other friends in real time; because I’ve read recently that many teenagers let all their friends see where they are all the time. This situation filled my head with question marks and I wanted to know why a person would want to do this, whether they are aware of the risks it poses. For the record, I say; My wife and I can always follow each other in the “Find My Friends” app, but no one else can see our exact location.

You can access the full article by Jake Moore at the link here.

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