Armored superheroes unite to protect humanity from robot domination in the new Marvel Future Fight update

The latest update to Netmarble’s popular mobile game MARVEL Future Fight sees the world’s mightiest heroes fight for the future of humanity in Armor War 3099 to defend the world with cutting-edge technology. Agents can look forward to new skins, new upgrades, and more in this latest update.

It’s doomsday time. Armed with powerful technology, Doctor Doom travels through space and time to take over the world, but Agents can now arm themselves with armor from the distant future and prepare for battle. Added original 3099 costumes for Doctor Doom, War Machine, Hulkbuster (Iron Man Mark 44), and Rescue.

Also, several MARVEL Future Fight heroes will receive game updates! Doctor Doom is now available for Tier-3 upgrade with his new Ultimate Abilities, and ‘Potential Difference’ has been added for five heroes: Ultron, Singularity, Adam Warlock, Mantis and Yondu.

Finally, special Summer Days costumes have been added for Silk and Quicksilver.

Other changes in MARVEL Future Fight are as follows:
Added ‘Awaken Potential’ for Hulkbuster (Iron Man Mark 44) and Rescue, along with new Awakening Skills.
Improvements have been made to the main menu for easier use of in-game functions and content.

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