Artificial Intelligence Designed for Dota 2 Beats Real Players

The artificial intelligence team, which recently faced the professional Dota team and won the game, has now been made playable in the Arena, where all players can meet. In the series, in which more than 4,000 matches took place, artificial intelligence performed magnificently and was successful at a rate of 99.4 percent.


Preparations were made for a long time before the AI ​​team started the matches. Combinations that take place in real games were taught to artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence, which trained with the situations of the combinations taught, was then prepared for official matches. In fact, artificial intelligence had years of experience with real gamers. The game has been on the market for years, and of course, it can also be played with bots.


After all the preparations were completed, the matches were impressively in the direction of the artificial intelligence team. The artificial intelligence team, which won by 99.4 percent, proved its invincibility. The number of viewers reached 486 thousand in the games played in the live broadcast on Twitch. It has been announced that the results obtained from here will be used to make more macro-level decisions.

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