Artificial Intelligence That Can Distinguish Real Artifacts From Counterfeits

Rembrandt is a very famous Dutchman who lived in the 17th century. He is one of the important painters of history. Most of the 611 paintings said to be by Rembrandt are thought to be fakes, copies or imitations. The purpose of artificial intelligence is to distinguish real works from fakes.


The developed neural network has a structure similar to those used for image recognition in general. Known artifacts and known fakes of Rembrandt were shown to the AI. Since it would take too long for the images to be fully loaded, the works used in the study were added to the system by dividing them into 13,000 small squares.

The results are quite promising. The neural network achieved 90.4% success in distinguishing Rembrandt works from fakes. However, for AI to be successful, it has to look away from the picture.


Steven Frank, who produced artificial intelligence with his wife Andrea Frank, said, “If you want to see what really makes Rembrandt different, you have to look at the big picture on the canvas at the larger composition level.” says.

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