ASUS Announces 2 New Portable Displays, One for Gaming

ASUS attracted attention as one of the first companies to sell portable displays with USB-C type connection. The firm will launch two new models at this year’s Computex.


The first of these models is ZenScreen Touch. This 15.6-inch model has 1080p images. The protection on the back of the touch-enabled screen is folded to become a screen support. The purpose of this screen, which is compatible with laptops or phones, is to create an additional screen for laptops and to provide comfortable use of applications used in mobile devices on wide interfaces.

ZenScreen Touch comes with a 7800 mAh battery, so it does not draw the screen power from the phone.

The second model is the ROG Strix XG17, also a 1080p display. The function that this screen focuses on is different, the screen is completely focused on the game. The size of this screen, which is the world’s first 240 Hz portable screen, is 17.3 inches.


This monitor has two USB-C ports, MicroHDMI, 7800 mAh battery. This means that the device can operate at 240 Hz for 3 hours. In cases where the screen refresh rate is lower, the usage time of the screen increases even more. The refresh rate of this external display will be ideal for users who are not satisfied with the performance of highly competitive games like League of Legends on a standard laptop screen.

Although no explanation has been made about the prices of the new screens yet, ZenScreen Touch will take its place in the showcases next month.

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