Atanova Ventures performed two exits in 2021

Atanova Ventures, which was founded in 2018 by the entrepreneur Atakan Atalar from Izmir and discovered and supported startups at the beginning stage, completed two exits in 2021. It is known that Atanova Ventures, an early stage investment company, has 12 investments in its technology and investment portfolio, and these investments take place in various countries of America and Europe as well as Turkey.

Among the supports offered by the company to startups that are in the seed stage are; mentoring, strategic consultancy, and the opportunity to use angel investor networks. The company also; It also provides support to startups on legal, financial and technical issues. Atanova Ventures, which has identified early stage technology startups as its priority portfolio, completed two exits in 2021, achieving a significant success. While LOKI was the first company to exit in the said process, the global exit was realized with RemoteTeam. Standing out with its two exits, İzmir-based Atanova Ventures’ last investment in 2021 is Textoni, a content marketplace initiative.

First Exit LOKI

LOKI, a cyber security company founded by Ahmet Polat in 2017, attracted attention with the news of exit in 2021. LOKI, which Atanova Ventures invested in in 2019, started its journey with the goal of developing a product that will make internet networks safe with a simple interface. It has evolved into a security and network management platform.
Offering effective solutions in computer and network security issues, LOKI transferred all of its shares to Logo Group Chairman Tuğrul Tekbulut in July 2021 and sold it.

Global Exit RemoteTeam by Atanova Ventures

Founded by entrepreneur Şahin Boydaş, the personnel management platform RemoteTeam, developed for remote teams, has become one of the prominent companies in the home working system, whose impact has increased due to the pandemic, especially in the USA. In this way, the company, which managed to have a say in the remote working industry, was acquired by Gusto in 2021.

Gusto was founded in 2011 by Edward Kim, Josh Reeves, Joshua Reeves and Tom London based in San Francisco. The company, which offers digital solutions on salary and human resources, has a valuation of 9.5 billion dollars. RemoteTeam has achieved a significant success by exiting Gusto in a very short time like two years after its establishment.

Stating that RemoteTeam is the second company of Atanova Ventures to exit after LOKI in 2021, Atalar said, “Although 2021 was a year in which we continued to experience the effects of the pandemic, technology initiatives continued to reveal their differences. Changing usage habits and new normals have allowed the development of different technology initiatives, responding to various needs that emerged with the ongoing change process throughout the pandemic.” said. Underlining that they will continue to support technology initiatives both locally and globally in the future, Atakan Atalar said: All entrepreneurs who are interested can reach us.” he continued.

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