Autonomous Rental Vehicles Coming Soon

Autonomous vehicles nowadays only depend on our smartphone, roadside assistance service or simple things like parking controls. Since they are connected, our vehicles can only perform operations at the capacity of the device they are connected to. According to experts, this will change completely in the very near future.


It is said that rental cars will be connected not only to customers’ smartphones, but also to the rental company’s system. With the autonomous vehicles connected to the system informing the officer about the fuel level, tire pressure and road condition, it is possible to reduce the costs in the vehicle fleet and to manage the demand from the customer properly.


Airports are given as an example of the usage area of ​​autonomous rental vehicles. The customer, who comes to the airport with a rental car, will get the fuel to drive himself after leaving the vehicle, and will be transferred to the pickup point again to pick up the next customer after performing the washing operations. There are claims that the introduction of autonomous-featured rental cars will be offered to private customers with new features to be added gradually to the vehicles or in an expensive and fully autonomous way.

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