Avengers: Endgame’s First-Day Proceeds Are Astonishing

Avengers: Endgame, which is a movie that has to add new sessions because the tickets are not enough and the seats are running out, has finally been released today after a long wait. The movie, which everyone expected to break records, started to take firm steps not to surprise anyone from the very first day. The MCU’s “show movie,” Endgame, made $169 million outside the US on its first day, the Hollywood Reporter reported.


Although the film will be released in the US on Friday, April 26, the initial numbers are pretty—if not very—good. The movie, which is released in 25 countries today, has already broken the all-time single-day cinema record. While 107.2 million dollars of the 169 million dollars opening came from only China, China was followed by South Korea with 8.4 million dollars, Australia with 7 million dollars, France with 6 million dollars, Italy with 5.8 million dollars and Germany with 5.6 million dollars. following.

In addition to all these, it is worth noting that China is the world’s second largest cinema market. We can say that Marvel movies have been underperforming in China for a while, so values ​​above 100 million are truly extraordinary.

The movie is currently expected to gross between $900 and $950 million in its first weekend, thus surpassing Star Wars 7. Of course, when we think that tickets are sold out weeks ago in our country and new sessions have to be held, we are likely to see more of this number. Maybe, who knows, Endgame will be the first movie to open with 1 billion dollars.

If we remember, Infinity War had a revenue of 640 million dollars all over the world at the end of the first weekend. Endgame, on the other hand, broke the previous record held by Star Wars 7 in pre-ticket sales in just 6 hours and had already captured the record.

If you have watched the movie, we expect you to give your thoughts below without giving spoilers.

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