Avoiding Screens at Night Makes Sleeping Easier

Living things can only be exposed to blue light through sunlight under normal conditions. Therefore, as long as we see blue light, our brain thinks that time is still day. Today, we can be exposed to blue light 24 hours a day, thanks to the tools we use constantly, such as smartphones and computers. This causes our brain’s perception of time to deteriorate and sleep disorders occur.


Dutch researchers, examining the effects of blue light on sleep disorders, revealed that especially smartphone addiction causes sleep disorders, while sleep disorders affect concentration and memory, as well as children’s learning ability, as well as increase the risk of obesity, heart diseases, and cancer in the long run. .

In a study conducted with 55 young people aged 12-17 years, participants were divided into groups according to their exposure to blue light. Those who watched a screen for 4 or more hours a day took half an hour longer to fall asleep than those who watched a screen for an hour or less. In addition, it was observed that the sleep of young people who stayed in front of the screen for 4 hours or more was more divided.

Later, young people were tried to be kept away from the screens at night. In the 1st week, the time it took for teenagers to fall asleep decreased by 68%. From the University of Amsterdam Health Centre, Dr. Dirk Jan Stenvers says, “Adolescents are spending more and more time in front of screened devices and sleep complaints are common in this age group.” He stated that more attention should be paid to the issue of sleep disorder.

University of London Dr. Iroise Dumontheil said, “Research results show that wearing glasses that block blue light and being in front of a screen for long periods of time can reduce the effect on adolescents. “It’s interesting that these glasses have a similar effect as avoiding screen use altogether, allowing adolescents to fall asleep and wake up earlier,” he said, adding that solutions against blue light have been found.

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