Bad Bots Generated 20 Percent of Web Traffic

Software company Distil Networks shared the new one of its traditionally published ‘Bad Bot Reports’ this week. In the published study, very interesting findings about bots emerged.

According to Bad Bot Reports announced this year, 37.9% of internet traffic was made by bots (good and bad) last year. Of this 37.9%, 20% of the traffic was made up of bad bots, while 17.9% of the traffic was generated by good bots. So the difference is less than 3%.


If we compare the percentages of good and bad bots in the previous year, a 14.4% decrease was observed in the traffic of good bots while a 6.4% decrease was observed in the traffic of bad bots. Real user traffic increased by 7.5% to reach 62.1% in total.

The 2019 Bad Bot Reports also revealed the sources of bad bots. The number one source of bad bots was the USA with 53.4%. Russia was the most blocked country with 32.6%, while the USA was the fifth most blocked country with 6.6%.

The industries most affected by bad bot traffic, according to the report, are: finance, ticketing, education, IT and services, marketing and advertising. Among these five industries, finance was the most affected by bad bot traffic at 42.2%. The most unexpected of these industries, 37.9% of the total traffic of education was driven by bad bots.

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