Battlefield 5’s New Content Detailed

Battlefield multiplayer episodes will heat up on June 27 with 4 new maps from DICE’s Chapter 4: Defying the Odds. With this add-on, a new 64-player content with 2 large maps will be stepped in.

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First up, Chapter 4: Al Sundan map will be available to you, featuring classic multiplayer action, long-distance, vehicle-based team play, and combat-ready content on any battlefield. This map; Inspired by the single-player Under No Flag map set in the massive North African Desert. The Marita map will arrive in July, after the Mercury map in Chapter 3: Trial by Fire and Battle of Greece are released.

The game will present the second of the two Greek maps. Focused on infantry warfare, Marita puts players in the allied forces to stop the Axis army; It leads to a mountain that overlooks the river and draws attention with its cobblestone roads.

In October; Between Chapters 4 and 5, Operation Underground will meet players. With this episode inspired by the Battlefield 3 map Operation Métro; A tough man-to-man challenge will be waiting for you in various playgrounds such as city streets, courtyards, plaza area, service tunnels, train platforms and more.

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