Be a Donor, Support Our Brother Öykü Arin

The mother of our sister Öykü, whom we reported 2 months ago, has a request from our dear readers. As part of the campaign called ‘Hope for Story Arin’, she asks people to donate for her daughter Öykü Arin and other leukemia patients.

Our 4-year-old sister, Öykü Arin, is a child diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia. When the desired result did not come from the campaign launched 2 months ago, Öykü was transferred to a semi-compatible marrow taken from a child who was treated in a private hospital in Antalya. For the time being, Öykü is being observed in the hospital, but the doctors cannot give a clear information about whether the transplant to Öykü is successful or not.


Stating that she will receive definitive information on Friday next week, Öykü’s mother made a call for all Öykü’s on social media:

“We reached nearly 150 thousand donors in about 3 months. It has not yet been possible to study them. Therefore, I call on you to be a donor for all Öyküs. Be a donor, be hope and don’t give up. I am calling out to the Ministry of Health, demanding that approximately 150 thousand samples be studied as soon as possible. There are many mothers in this country struggling to take care of their children. I am one of them. It was very difficult, but very special.”

As Öykü’s mother did, we have a small request from you. Become a donor to be the hope of a little child, to make him laugh and have fun like other children. You can be the person who can connect a child to life through a sample you can donate after a 5-minute procedure by going to the hospital.

Remember; It may be enough to take 5 minutes of your time to cure the helplessness of others. A tube of blood you will give can give life to a small smile.

Click here to learn how to donate.

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