Bentley Continental GT Transformed into Tracked Tank (Video)

If you want to see something crazy, one of the first places you should definitely look is Russia. Because you can see the Bentley Continental GT, which you can buy for a few million TL, as a track-mounted off-road vehicle here.

This interesting vehicle, called Ultratank, is a real Bentley with its body, interior design and even the engine.


The current maximum speed of the vehicle is 50 kilometers per hour, but the vehicle’s developers are planning to increase the maximum speed up to 100 km/h. It may not be the speed you would expect from a real Continental GT, but remember that this vehicle will not be driven on oily asphalt.

Ultratank Bentley Continental GT not only creates a great driving feel on dusty and steep terrain. The incredible engine sound of the vehicle also makes strong noises, as if it were a tank from the second world war.

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