Best Buy Cancels Galaxy Fold Sales

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is thought to enter a new era in the field of screen from the moment it was announced, encountered screen problems after the tests. On top of that, after Samsung delaying sales, a new development came from Best Buy. The United States-based site announced in a statement on its forums that they canceled all pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold and stopped future pre-orders.

Part of the explanation:

“New designs and technological breakthroughs can bring many obstacles. These obstacles caused Samsung to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold model, and Samsung did not give a new release date. Because our customers are always first for us, we have decided to cancel all current pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold.”


That doesn’t mean you can’t purchase the Galaxy Fold from Best Buy in the future, but it’s not available to pre-order for now. Instead, Best Buy has added a “Notify me” button on the Galaxy Fold product page to let customers know when the phone is available again.


Originally scheduled to launch on April 26, the Galaxy Fold has been delayed indefinitely after experiencing issues with its review units. Within a few days of receiving the device, reviewers began experiencing a number of issues ranging from screen malfunctions to getting stuck between the body. These issues caused Samsung to recall all devices and delay sales pending the completion of the investigation. Samsung has not yet specified a new sale date.

There have been reports of improvements made to the Galaxy Fold, and Samsung CEO Dj Koh said “We won’t be too late” when asked if the device will launch by the end of May.

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