Businesses using CRM software stand out from the competition

While world brands have started to open stores in the metaverse, even the use of CRM software in businesses in Turkey is not mature enough yet. The CRM usage rate, which is over 90% in businesses in America, is not even 10% in Turkey. CRM software offers businesses the golden key to increasing customer satisfaction and profitability with its data-based customer management.

Businesses in Turkey failed in CRM software, which provides the roadmap for achieving strategic goals in the digitalization process. According to the Research on the Use of Information Technologies in Enterprises 2021 conducted by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the rate of CRM usage in enterprises in Turkey is 10.6%. This rate decreases to 9.3% in enterprises with 10-49 employees. In enterprises with 50-249 employees, it can only reach 14.7%. Okan Yaylagül, Planports CRM Sales, Marketing and Business Development Director, stated that increasing customer satisfaction for businesses in the era of digitalization, where technology competes rapidly, is a driving force for businesses to achieve strategic goals, and said, “Businesses in Turkey still consider CRM software as an expense item. However, all over the world, CRM software is seen as a tool to achieve business goals. The use of CRM software in businesses with 10 or more employees in the United States is 91%. According to researches, every $1 spent on CRM gives businesses $8.71. There is a need for a mentality change regarding CRM software in Turkey,” he said.

Situational and competitive analysis advantage

Saying that CRM software offers businesses the advantage of situation and competitive analysis, Okan Yaylagül said, “Worldwide businesses can gain competitive power by digitizing their business plan, process management and customer relationship management. Thus, they can achieve financial discipline. In Turkey, on the other hand, businesses focus on making money from the moment they are established. The rate of website ownership in enterprises with 10 or more employees in Turkey is only 49.4%. “At a time when we’re talking about Metaverse, more than half of businesses don’t even have a digital identity,” he said.

They can increase their sales by 200%

Pointing out that CRM software is the easiest and most effective way to ensure customer loyalty, Planports CRM Sales, Marketing and Business Development Director Okan Yaylagül made the following assessment on the subject: “It is very difficult for businesses that do not focus on customer satisfaction to survive in the long term in the competitive environment created by digitalization. Businesses can intelligently manage customer satisfaction with the data they obtain through CRM programs. They can determine realistic strategies that will follow their sales instantly and reach their targets in the shortest way. This is reflected in the sales figures as a plus. Research shows that businesses using a CRM program have seen a wide-ranging increase in sales from 40% to 200%.”

To raise awareness about the use of CRM

Noting that with the new generation CRM program, which they define as CRM+, they offer additional features such as customer relationship management, as well as offer management, process management, pre-accounting and order management, Okan Yaylagül said, “With our user-friendly interface and advanced software infrastructure, they are the fastest, easiest to use and effective in the world. We are assertive that we are CRM software. We are constantly updating our software, which we have developed in accordance with the use of all sectors. We offer a 14-day free trial service to raise awareness for using CRM software. Finally, he made the following recommendations for companies that are in the process of choosing software. “Some software companies may specialize in accounting software, for example, while others may specialize in production. If a company wants to buy CRM software, it should definitely choose software from companies that specialize in CRM. The number of companies that use any CRM software and call us unsatisfied just because it is cheap is quite high.”

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