Bytedance Releases New Social Media Platform Feiliao

Bytedance, the maker of the TikTok app, which some loved and some hated, released Feiliao, a new social media app that combines forum features and direct message features, on Monday. Feiliao (Flipchat in English) is described on the App Store as an ‘interest-based social media app’. Users can join conversations under different topics, from relationships to popular TV series.

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Feiliao has two types of chat groups: open groups and regular groups. Normal groups work more like a forum. Many people can express and discuss their opinions on a topic, and the number of members in the group is unlimited. Normal groups are private chat groups and have a limit of 100 users. In addition, group founders automatically become admins and can moderate members in the group.

Downloading the app from the App Store is a bit of a hassle as the app is still in its early stages. When you search for the word ‘Feiliao’ as a keyword, Bytedance’s application may sometimes not appear directly. You have to search for ‘Feiliao Xingqu’ to see the app.

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