Call of Duty Modern Warfare is Developed with Photogrammetry Technique

Activision, which will return to its roots with CoD Modern Warfare, made important statements about the highly anticipated new game. In line with the information conveyed by Activison officials, new Call of Duty Modern Warfare photogrammetry techniquewill appear with.

The producer company, which will restart Modern Warfare with the new game of the series, will also switch to the new game engine this year. In this section, Activision, which plans to appear with realistic graphics, photogrammetryannounced that he would use the technique called

call of duty modern warfare fotogrametri teknigi ile gelistiriliyor technopat oyun haberleriThanks to this technique, the producer company will increase the reality of the section designs to higher levels, thus increasing the level of detail in the objects we approach.

He worked as an art designer at Activision regarding this subject. Joel Emslie also emphasized that realistic graphics await the players. In addition to this, apart from the photogrammetry technique in the new game, Ray Tracingtechnology will be included.

In this way, Activision, which will make objects look more realistic in the reflected light, will allow us to feel the atmosphere of war to our bones.

Apart from all this Activision Ashton Williams, one of its producers, also made some statements about the new game. According to Williams, he stated that the trailer, which was released last month, consists entirely of in-game footage. You can watch the trailer in question right below.

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