‘Censoring’ Photos Coming to WhatsApp

The world’s most popular instant messaging app of WhatsApp It has been revealed that he is working on a new feature. The feature discovered by WABetaInfo seems to offer a significant advantage for users. Because, thanks to this feature, which is still under development, users can choose the part of the photos they want to send to the other party. they can blur.

In fact, stable versions of WhatsApp have recently received brand new media sending tools. Users are now more effective on the photos they post. regulations they can. Here, the new feature developed will be recorded as the newest of them. For the first time, a WhatsApp feature will allow the content to be sent to be censored.

Here’s what WhatsApp’s new feature looks like:


The new feature that WhatsApp is working on will be used very easily. In the photo above, the blur button indicated by the arrow after touching , you will adjust the place you want to blur the photo you want to send with your finger. This type of feature did not exist before and required third-party apps. Some users were scribbling the relevant section using the pen tool.

WhatsApp has not made any statements about the new feature it is working on. When will this feature be available? Unknown . In fact, it is unknown whether the feature will even be tested in beta versions. The coming periods are more for WhatsApp’s blur tool. decisivewill be.

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