Christian Bale Reveals He Could Be Batman Again One Day

There has been a development that has the potential to change the agenda of Hollywood and especially Batman followers. world famous actor Christian Bale He said he might return to the Batman franchise one day. However, in order for the Oscar-winning actor to revive the character of Batman, There is an important condition . No one knows whether this condition will one day come true.

Christian Bale, who made a statement on the subject in an interview he gave to ComicBook, stated that his condition must be fulfilled in order to return to Gotham. Christopher Nolan says it is. According to the world-famous actor, Nolan, if he rolls up his sleeves for a new Batman one day, will be with him and Batman It will bring life to life once again. However, Bale stated that he will not be in the character of Batman other than this. The reason for this is again Christopher Nolan.

“At that time, we talked about the trilogy in order to keep the taste of it”


Christian Bale said that he met with Christopher Nolan at that time and black Knight says that they decided to leave the series as a trilogy. However, this situation means that there will be no Batman movie from now on. means not coming . If that happens and Christopher Nolan starts a new Batman project, it’s very likely Christian Bale will too. he will be in the projectand will once again bring Batman to life.

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