Chrome 74 Released to Improve User Experience

Google has released the Chrome 74 update for the world’s most popular web browser, Chrome, on Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms. With the update, a new accessibility setting that will seriously affect the user experience is added to the browser; Added a few new features for developers as well.


While visiting the browser, you will encounter annoying motion effects when you scroll up and down the page or try to zoom in. At this point, Google will have listened to user complaints, so it limits the motion animations of websites. In this way, less blurring and greater user satisfaction are achieved.

Looking at the developers point, Google says that creating private class fields is now easier and cleaner. In addition, CSS Transitions, which have been supported in other browsers for a while, are also supported by Chrome with the new update. Another notable change is that Google has added a new feature policy API to the browser to check if a feature is enabled.

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