Citroen C4X Introduced: Here Its Design and Features

France-based automaker Citroen, at the launch event it held today, its new car C4. Introduced X. What made this launch special was that the CEO of the company, Vincent Cobee, called out to the whole world from Istanbul. Let’s take a look at Citroen’s new car together.

Citroen C4X appeared as a new SUV. However, the vehicle does not have a very unique design. Because as you can tell from its name, C4 X generally resembles C4. In addition, when we look at the rear of the vehicle, there seems to be a breeze from the C-Elysee.

Here comes the Citroen C4X


Citroen C4X has used the fragmented headlight structure, which has been criticized from time to time, in this model. When we look at the rear, we encounter a structure that is not as spectacular as the front. The rear lights, which go up to the sides of the vehicle, reach up to the trunk lid. The trunk lid design, on the other hand, is quite rigid.


*Details are coming…

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