Claim: Echo and Alexa Devices Will Always Be Listening

Amazon’s newly released patent filing shows that the e-commerce giant’s Echo and Alexa-enabled devices aim to record what is said before saying a wake-up word like ‘Alexa’. Currently, devices cannot detect any command spoken before being woken up.

According to BuzzFeed’s reports released Friday, the company plans to expand the capabilities of its devices’ sound detection technology with this patent. If the mentioned feature comes, Echo and Alexa devices will now be able to understand the whole sentence by waking up in the middle or end of the sentence.


With this technology, devices will analyze backwards until they reach the beginning of the sentence after receiving the wake-up command. Sentence analysis will stop when they reach the beginning of the sentence.

While it is a technology that can be beneficial, some security concerns may arise in customers’ minds.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, the company has some patents that will not be used in products offered to the user. In his own words: “The patented technology is not in use and it is highly speculative to reference it as potential use.” said.

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