Claim: Qualcomm Snapdragon 735 Revealed

According to the documents, Qualcomm’s new processor Snapdragon 735, developed for use in mid-high-end mobile devices, is a 7 nm device as in the flagship model Snapdragon 855. will be produced by the production process. The processor, which will have a total of 8 cores in the 1+1+6 configuration, will thus be in the middle of the 2+2+4 of the 855 and the 2+6 design of the 730.


The speeds of the 1+1+6 design are probably as follows: 1×2.9 GHz + 1×2.4 GHz + 6×1.8 GHz. The Adreno 620 GPU inside the Snapdragon 735 will run at 750 MHz. This is slightly slower than the 825 MHz of the Adreno 618 found in the 730. The new processor will also have a unit called NPU220, which operates at 1 Ghz for artificial intelligence applications.

With the processor, which will also have 5G modem support, Qualcomm already seems to be planning to bring this new technology to non-high-end mobile devices. It is very similar to the document in question, and we believe that it will follow the same path, as it knows the Snapdragon 730 correctly last year.

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