Claim: Social Media Disinformation Law Postponed

It has been on the agenda for a long time in Turkey and ” censorship law“even allegedly, You can find all the articles here There has been an important development regarding social media regulation. According to the allegations, which are based on sources close to the government, the law, of which many articles have been accepted, postponed.

According to Diken’s special news, the sources of the statement in question are that some of the AKP’s group deputies . According to Diken’s sources, “unless there is a big surprise by Friday,” the bill will be delayed and run until October. on the agenda will not be brought . It is not yet known why the government took such a decision.

Will the articles be changed?


The government continued to work to enact the bill, citing the fight against disinformation. However, some of the articles in the bill could even cause people to face imprisonment for their posts on social media. Even so, to reconsider the bill. It is thought that such a step may have been taken. Reactions may have been met by the government.

If you’re wondering what’s in the law:

If you would like to review some accepted items:

To take a look at the reactions to the bill:

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