Cloud era in mobile games: Now it can be played on any device

Mobile cloud technologies company announced that it is creating a mobile cloud platform for game developers. With the platform already used by the world’s leading game developers such as Perfect World, PerBlue and Lilith Games, the company aims to make mobile games accessible to everyone without barriers such as device, operating system or regional restrictions.

The increase in the trend towards mobile devices around the world is starting a new era in the gaming industry. According to the Gaming Industry 2019-2020 Q1 Report, 66% of the games in the global gaming market, which reached 2.7 billion players in 2020 with the effect of the pandemic, are developed for desktop computers and 38% for mobile devices consisting of smartphones and tablets. While this trend is expected to increase further, an important move came from mobile cloud technologies company The company has created a mobile cloud platform powered by nowCloud OS for game developers. The mobile cloud platform of, currently used by the world’s leading game developers such as Perfect World, PerBlue and Lilith Games; It is preparing to drastically change the potential of game developers and the business model they adopt by offering advantages in many aspects such as accessibility, sharability and cost savings. The company aims to add a new dimension to the way mobile game developers reach new users from all over the world.

Device, operating system or regional restrictions will not be a hindrance

According to information from the company, today around 40% of mobile phones can’t keep up with powerful games and 60% of smartphones in the global market have low or medium performance. This causes computational, storage, and performance-intensive games to be unsupported.’s mobile cloud platform allows graphics and high-performance and interactive games to be delivered to gamers without device, operating system or regional restrictions. Thus, thanks to the platform that broke new ground, gaming communities can play games on any mobile device or operating system they wish, instantly share the games on the social channels they currently use, and make in-game purchases through their payment channels.

Games can be shared with one click

In addition to bringing the worldwide community of players to mobile, also makes games instantly shareable with the click of a single link. Instead of waiting for slow downloads and installs, gamers can instantly share games and access them with one click. Games can even be played on third-party apps like Discord and Snapchat without leaving the platform. Thus, game developers have the opportunity to meet with wider audiences by providing 1.3 million new users who join social media every day to access and share their favorite games on social media platforms.

Also supports the use of digital wallets for in-game purchases

Making a statement on the subject, CEO Rosen Sharma said, “ gives mobile game developers the power to win players that they cannot reach due to the technical characteristics of the devices and app stores they use. The mobile cloud eliminates all obstacles and device requirements while experiencing a new game. by removing it, making mobile games accessible to everyone, creating unique opportunities for game developers to win over one billion mobile gamers.

In the future it will be possible to create a local cloud

Powered by nowCloud OS, the platform also allows game developers to easily enable existing Android apps for the cloud and create a cloud-native in the future. Thus, the cost performance of the cloud can be optimized while adapting to the characteristics of endpoint, bandwidth and latency constraints. Game developers around the world simply store their games in the cloud and post the link on their website to make their games available globally.

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