Collaborated with Google on the Blue Whale

As a result of the sad events, the Blue Whale game, in which the state officials also took control of the situation, was associated with nearly 140 suicides in our country. After the suicide cases that occur almost every day, the parliamentary question given to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turan was answered. In his statements, the Minister stated that necessary measures were taken to keep children and young people away from harmful content, and that they cooperated with Google Turkey to remove advertisements that lead to such harmful content.


In the incident that took place in Van at the beginning of April, a group of friends took action to commit mass suicide, but the children, except Sevda E., were saved when one of the children was afraid and called the police. Sevda E., on the other hand, could not be saved despite all the interventions.

The statements given by the children, whose psychological treatment was started after the sad event, were revealed in the presence of a psychologist. Suna E., the cousin of Sevda E., stated that they did not think that they would become addicted, and expressed that they were curious about what happened after Sevda’s father died. The little girl, who said that she wrote ‘F57’ on her arm first, stated that when her friends noticed the situation, they complained to her teacher, her teacher called her family to the school and informed her, and then Sevda convinced her again that the process came to this. Suna E. stated that she left the game because she was afraid during the process, but she did not tell her because she thought that Sevda would be angry.


Sevda E.’s classmate Gülcan A. stated that they continued the game despite the warnings of her teachers, and that on the day of the incident, her aim was not to commit suicide but to prevent others. Gülcan A. stated that they talked to Berfin, who was with them, and that they went to a market to ask for help after Berfin said that his aim was not to commit suicide, and they called the police from there. Stating that Sevda E. was very determined, Gülcan A. said, “We tried to prevent it, but it didn’t work. he said.

Another classmate, Berfin M., stated that she tried to prevent Sevda several times and stated that Sevda tried to jump many times. Berfin stated that when they went to ask for help, Sevda E. jumped.

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