Companies that equip their field teams with mobile technology bring 77 percent efficiency to their operations.

The digital transformation, which has accelerated with the pandemic, has brought companies closer to mobile technologies. Recent studies show that companies that equip their field teams with mobile-enabled sales tools provide 77% efficiency in their operations, while retailers using mobile POS devices increase their sales by 92%. Market-leading businesses in Turkey benefit from the power of mobile technologies, bringing a secure infrastructure and efficiency to their operations.

The difficulty of meeting rapidly changing customer expectations in an increasingly competitive environment for companies has increased their investments in mobile technology. According to the State of Mobility 2021 research conducted by SOTI, which provides mobile device management (MDM) solutions for businesses, 79% of businesses have gained awareness of mobile technologies. While 57% invested in mobile technologies, 64% integrated employee training and contracting methods into mobile.

Şenpiliç grows on the field with mobile

Stating that the pandemic has accelerated mobile technology investments, which form the biggest part of the digital transformation process of enterprises, Univera and Univis General Manager Merthan Kaleli said, “The research shows that companies that integrate mobile technologies into their strategies of the future will quickly meet customer expectations and gain competitive advantage. In cooperation with Univera’s sister company Univis, which provides hardware sales, technical service and IT support services, and our business partner SOTI, we act with this foresight and develop mobile solutions suitable for the needs of businesses. In this context, we brought the SOTI MobiControl solution together with Şenpiliç, one of Turkey’s top 100 industrial companies.”

A security and solution-oriented system was needed

Merthan Kaleli, who gave information about the process of the work carried out in cooperation with Univis – SOTI, said, “As Turkey’s largest chicken producer, the IT team of the company, which is the industry leader with a market share of 18%, had some control over the devices in the field with different applications. However, these applications were not very reliable and flexible, did not provide the information needed. Moreover, since the company was measuring productivity through these applications, it could not obtain enough data from the field and could not measure the change in customer habits.”

We brought instant management capability to field activities

Noting that MobilControl, SOTI’s MDM solution, adds a reliable infrastructure and efficiency to Şenpiliç’s field activities, SOTI Regional Director Ayşem Pınarlı made the following assessment on the subject: “SOTI MobiControl provides Şenpiliç’s IT team to manage mobile devices quickly, effectively and from a single point. gave talent. With the solution in which we have integrated the company’s entire device management process, the IT team can now focus on security compliance. Şenpiliç is able to update the firmware efficiently and seamlessly for the IT team and field workers. We brought instant management capability to the field activities of the company by completely eliminating security concerns. Thus, the IT team can support the field workers remotely and intervene immediately to the problems that may occur.”

Our operations gained a secure infrastructure and efficiency

Şenpiliç Information Technologies Manager Kıymet Nazım Necib stated the following regarding SOTI MobilControl: “Not having control over the devices in our network was a major concern for us. With SOTI MobiControl, we can now remotely manage our devices and follow the developments in the field instantly. Especially location and performance tracking. Our operations with our 17 regional directorates and 63 dealers have gained a secure infrastructure and efficiency with the power of mobile technology.”

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