Companies that put digital solutions at the heart of their operations gain a competitive advantage

Research shows that companies that empower their teams by placing digital solutions at the heart of their operations can leave lasting impacts on the future. Univera General Manager Merthan Kaleli said, “Companies investing in digital transformation gain competitive advantage by using their talents effectively and gain efficiency at work.”

The digital transformation, accelerated by the pandemic, radically changes the business processes of companies. McKinsey’s research titled “The New Digital Advantage: A Rethinking Strategy for the Post-Pandemic Era” confirms that companies that put next-generation technology and solutions at the center of their business operations will be more successful in the future. Univera General Manager Merthan Kaleli said that 51% of those who invested in digital when they analyzed the research, said, “We have developed the 8th version (P8) of our Panorama product with new technologies. Listed among the best in the world for the fifth time, the P8 puts the latest technologies at the heart of companies’ sales, service and logistics needs, enabling them to gain a competitive edge.”

Solutions that bring new perspectives make a difference

According to McKinsey’s research, 64% of companies that think their pre-pandemic business models are outdated see ‘investment in digital’ as a tool to achieve their future goals. The research, which reveals that there has been an increase of 65% in digital investments, also reveals that solutions that bring new perspectives to digital transformation make companies stand out by far. Univera General Manager Merthan Kaleli, who underlined that the success of the systems that introduce new perspectives to companies by facilitating their business processes has risen, said, “With the Panorama 8 platform, which we have developed as a company that has been producing corporate technology solutions since 1992, we provide companies with end-to-end digitalization in sales, service and logistics, and business processes. we provide. With the new version, we bring speed and efficiency to the business processes of companies.”

It enables companies to make fast and accurate strategic decisions.

Pointing out that P8 is actively used in 16 countries with its prominent features such as tele-sales functions and monitoring of field processes by the head office, Kaleli said, “P8 is the fifth time in the 2021 Retail Sales Execution report prepared by the independent research and consultancy organization POI (Promotion Optimization Institute). once again proved its success. With the strengths of the P8, which is among the best in the international arena, allowing instant viewing and analysis of field data, we support companies to take fast and correct strategic decisions.”

Provides superiority in sales force management

Pointing out that the new functions of the P8 eased the burden of companies in their journey of transformation, Univera General Manager said, “We are facilitating the sales, logistics and service activities of companies with 6 different solutions we offer at Panorama. Supply, production, warehouse, logistics, sales, business partner, field teams and service partner management processes can be managed separately with Panorama, as well as digitized with a single end-to-end solution.

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