Competition Moves to Blockchain! Gamer Arena Utility Token (GAU) is on ICRYPEX!

Utility tokens, one of the new players in the cryptocurrency market, created an ecosystem. A brand new breath to this ecosystem comes with the GAU Token, and the GAU token is listed on ICRYPEX for the first time and only. Crypto money users who want to have the GAU Token will be able to purchase the utility token, which is offered for pre-sale on November 22, through ICRYPEX’s mobile applications and website.

Cryptocurrency market creates different ecosystems with new players. According to the data of CoinGecko, the size of the crypto money market, which includes approximately 6 thousand cryptocurrencies, has exceeded 3 trillion dollars. The tokens, which started to appear in the crypto money market this year, added a different dimension to the market with the new generation interaction they created between clubs and fans. Turning into a giant ecosystem of 500 million dollars in a short time, tokens are gradually increasing their position in the investment and finance world with over 500% returns. ICRYPEX, which entered the fan token market with the Altay Fan Token, which was previously developed specifically for Altay Sports Club, offers an innovative perspective on gaming platforms by listing the Utility Token (GAU) of Gamer Arena.

ICRYPEX CEO Gökalp İçer made an evaluation on the subject and said, “The tokens that sports clubs apply to create a new generation interaction with their fans and create a revenue model have also created a new competitive field for digital game platforms. Gamer Arena Utility Token; It will be actively used by more than 300 thousand users within the digital game, e-sports and competition platform. Investors will be able to compete in highly competitive esports events by using the GAU Token on the Gamer Arena platform. With the GAU Tokens they earn, they will be able to direct their investments and expand the prize pool of new matches.”

GAU Token is on Sale on Mobile Applications and Website

ICRYPEX CEO Gökalp İçer, who announced that GAU Token, which stands out as a truly functioning platform among Function (Utility) tokens, will be offered for pre-sale on November 22 via ICRYPEX’s mobile applications and website, GAU Token will only be listed and actively used on ICRYPEX. Users will be able to participate in 21 different e-sports events and duels individually or as a team with the GAU Token, which we have brought a new perspective to the token ecosystem.” he stated.

Representative of the Turning Point of the Market

Pointing out that GAU Token is the representative of an important turning point in the token market, ICRYPEX CEO Gökalp İçer said, “GAU Token offers users the opportunity to invest by participating in e-sports competitions. The GAU Token, which users will earn as they race, will offer a deflationary structure with burns and transfer cuts after duels and highly competitive matches.” he added.

Competitive Gaming Platform: Gamer Arena

Gamer Arena is a game platform where fierce competition is experienced in many PC, console and mobile games. Players of all ages come together to compete in the most popular games, either individually or as a team, in Gamer Arena, a fully digital game platform where competition and excitement come together.

What Can You Do in Gamer Arena?

You can participate in the games by choosing the game you want from 21 games. By participating in duels and tournaments, you can show your skills and abilities on the Gamer Arena platform, either individually or with your teammates. You can prove your success with the games won in Gamer Arena, the popular e-sports platform, and have the chance to get the GAU Token pool. In addition to the GAU Token, different surprise gifts will be given to the winners on the platform.

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