Contribution to qualified human capital in informatics

Rapidly developing technology and changing professional qualifications increase the need for trained personnel for many sectors and fields of expertise. The local software company Bimser announced that together with Kocaeli University, with which it signed a comprehensive protocol, it will contribute to the qualified human capital of our country with theoretical and applied courses in many fields based on the real practices of the business world.

The digital transformation, which has accelerated especially since the pandemic, is the driving force for many industries to adapt to the era. While responding to today’s needs, the first step to catching the opportunities of the future is for individuals to receive an education created with the right strategies. Bimser, one of Turkey’s leading software companies, announced that it has signed a comprehensive protocol with Kocaeli University in order to contribute to the qualified workforce potential of our country. In the statement made by Bimser, on the subject, “We are starting a project with Bimser Academy, which we believe is very valuable, within the scope of the University-Industry Cooperation (ULI) exchange. In line with the comprehensive protocol we signed with Kocaeli University Faculty of Technology, we will train qualified workforce to support our country’s economic and social development plans.

Competent human resources are being trained

Bimser, who stated that in the program designed for Kocaeli University Technology Faculty students, will offer theoretical and applied courses in many fields, continued his statement, “With the young people included in our program designed within the scope of Vocational Education in Business (IME) applications, adaptation and adaptation to the real practices of the business world for a period of time, We will come together and share our experiences under many topics such as developing and supporting technical capacity and governance skills, transferring interdisciplinary knowledge through mentorship, and improving experience and performance in the projects of our software teams. In this way, we will also support the training of manpower with the qualifications required by the software industry and with high application and skill competence.

“We are increasing our labor capital in national competition”

Expressing that there have been great developments in information and communication technologies in recent years and that our country needs to adapt to this situation quickly, the company’s statement said, “The developments experienced around the world are leading industrial organizations and companies to use information technologies in both production and marketing areas and increase the need for trained personnel in our country. That’s why we provide theoretical and applied courses on popular topics such as software development methodologies, operating systems, security, technical business terms, database and query structures to contribute to meeting the need for qualified IT personnel. With the developing world, we are proud to contribute to human capital, which is the most valuable resource that we cannot give up in our national competition.”

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