Convert Any Android Phone to Google Pixel

Manufacturers using the Android operating system can create their own versions of the operating system in accordance with their hardware. However, the Android experience and design on Google’s own devices is unmatched by other Android phones.

Many Android manufacturers, such as Samsung, modify the standard Android operating system to make it compatible with apps in their ecosystem. Moreover, devices purchased through a particular carrier may have extra software and missing features. This is especially bad for users who want a pure Android experience.

In this article, we will tell you how you can experience Google Pixel without even rooting your device, along with a few third-party apps.

Installing Google Apps

In order to create the Pixel interface on a smartphone not manufactured by Google, you must first replace your phone’s applications with Google alternatives or applications as close to it as possible. If you only want a change in appearance, you can skip to the last section.

Installing many new apps on your phone can be tedious. However, most of these apps come installed by default on all Android devices and are set by default for a particular feature. In addition, there are few applications specific to Pixel phones and it is not possible to access them on the Google Play Store.

Google uygulamalari

Many developers in the Android community have rebuilt or modified Pixel custom apps to work on most Android phones. Below you will find download links of Google apps available by default on Pixel phones, some ported apps and rebuilt apps not available on Play Store. You have to set every app you install as default from Settings – Apps – Default Apps menu.

  • SMS and Messaging Application: Messages
  • Internet Browser : Chrome Mobile
  • System Keyboard : Gboard
  • Calendar : Google Calendar
  • Photo gallery : Google Photos
  • Google Wallpapers
  • gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Camera : Google Camera (Port) Pixel’s camera app is exclusive to the device, but many developers have managed to copy the look and features of this camera with third-party apps. You may need to install some of these apps using the .APK file.
  • Telephone : Google Phoneor Google Phone PortIf your phone is not compatible with the Play Store version of the Google Phone application, you can install the second alternative with the .APK file.
  • Google Assistant : While many phones use the Google Assistant app by default, some also use the manufacturer’s AI assistant. When you install the Google Assistant application, do not forget to make it the default application of your phone.

While technically optional, if your phone has a tap command to activate its AI assistant, you can set it to be used for Google Assistant. This can usually be done in the system settings of your AI assistant.

Deleting or Disabling Unnecessary Apps

You may want to consider deleting the apps you’ve replaced with Google versions to free up your phone’s storage space. Although it is possible to do this manually one by one Files by Google You can also use the app. Although it is not a stock Android app, this app is quite useful and it scans your phone’s storage to remove unnecessary data and flags unnecessary apps for you to uninstall as well. For apps that you can’t uninstall, the best thing you can do without rooting your phone is to disable them.


Finally, you can make your phone appear as a Google Pixel whenever possible. Although it is not possible to change the entire interface of your phone without root permission, you can get a close look. Doing so is surprisingly easy and requires a few third-party apps and some tweaking.

Pixel Launcher

The most important step is to get the Pixel launcher screen. Although there are many applications with this purpose on the Play Store, Rootless Launcher application stands out as it allows to use many features without requiring root privileges. Icon pack compatible with Pixel icons, properly placed Google search bar and extra widgets are among these features. You can also change the appearance of Rootless Launcher with options not available on Pixel phones.

Google Feed

The next step is the Google Feed tab, which includes personalized content, nearby recommendations, and personalized articles based on your device’s history and usage. Even though Google Feed is actually a feature of Rootless Launcher, it does not come by default and requires to be installed via .APK file. For this Download pixelbridge.apk using this link Download it to your phone and install it via the .apk file. When the installation is complete, go to the settings of the Rootless Launcher application and click “ Display Google appActivate the ” option.

Android bildirim

Finally, you can get the appearance of the notification and quick settings menu on the Google Pixel. For this, get the Power Shade app from the Play Store. . The Power Shade app allows you to customize more than standard Android settings. After installing the application, click the notification to activate the application.

Notifications and quick settings will get the default Android 9 Pie design when you activate the app. But you can use any design you want with the new color schemes, background images and opacity level. Along with root rights, the program also allows further modifications.

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