Cops Will Remotely Control Drifting Cars

Artificial intelligence is getting more and more integrated into our lives every day. After many innovations, smart highway control systems are now being prepared. With the systems to be prepared, the driving behavior of the cars will be monitored instantly and if necessary, the cars will be intervened.


With the help of small chips to be placed in automobiles, vehicles on the traffic will be recorded instantly. Thanks to the information sent to the databases to be found in the police stations, unusual movements in the vehicles will be detected. If the cops decide to intervene, they will be able to slow down the cars. If the risk is even higher, the police officials, who will take full control of the car, will take it to a suitable place and park it themselves, with the help of cameras that are increasingly common in cars. With the help of GPS, location will be reported to other teams and necessary actions will be taken.

Artificial intelligence system, which is currently in the theory stage, is being developed in America. It is known that the company working on artificial intelligence is in contact with major automobile manufacturers.

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