Coronavirus Warning from BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin

Emerging in 2019 and affecting the whole world, including our country, in a short time. Covid-19changed the living conditions of the whole world and caused the death of many people.

The coronavirus, which has lost its effect in the past few months, still continues to be seen, albeit a little. Especially in the past weeks, a new type of coronavirus has been detected in mice. after the emergenceeveryone ‘ Will the coronavirus lock us into homes again? ‘ he began to think. Coming to Istanbul today to receive the ‘Outstanding Service to Humanity’ award given by the Koç Foundation, Prof. Dr Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin, About the Coronavirus made scary statements.

A new wave of coronavirus is at hand


Making statements about the coronavirus, Uğur Şahin said, “ I can say that an autumn and winter that will not be very eventful is waiting for us. But it should also be noted that A new wave is at handand we have a message that this wave will be harmless. no guaranteeso it’s good to be preparedHe explained that the virus may reappear in the autumn and winter period ahead of us.

Falcon also said, When I was asked in 2020, ‘This virus at least 10 years I said, ‘I’ll be with us. We have to get used to it. There are two ways we can counter this. One is to adopt vaccines . We are currently developing vaccines with frequencies close to the Omicron vaccine. We will try to get the approval of the new vaccine next autumn-winter. Second, we have to accept it as the new normal.He explained that we need to get used to the coronavirus and coronavirus vaccines.

After Uğur Şahin’s statements, many experts said that re-closures may come and that its citizens stated that it can be challenging both economically and psychologically..

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