Could We Be Living in a Video Game?

Gaming is actually always part of our lives. an important part was forming. We were playing games outside while running around with our friends, also with the cell phone next to us.

As we get older, the games too grew up with us . But what if we’re actually playing a game even when we’re in a long business meeting? This universe, in which we have been in a certain order and responsibilities since our birth, may even be a game. Let’s have fun with this assumption.

The graphics are nice, but the mechanics need improvement: Is it possible to turn reality into a game?


If we go back about 10 years ago, we were in a period when even smart phones were just beginning to spread. These devices, which were very impressive to us even back then, are on a very different level when we look at them now. When we look around, we see dozens of devices produced to make our daily lives easier. We are so used to these products. not to be surprised We even started. A similar idea, simulation theory, dates back to about 2500 years ago. This idea, which is supported by many famous scientists, including the famous Greek philosopher Parmenides, is also frequently brought up through Elon Musk.

The idea that our world may be just a game actually has many common features with simulation theory. The proliferation of robots in daily life and the advancement of artificial intelligence to a much more advanced level seem to open the door to the next era in technology. One day our technology will develop so much that in reality We can even create a game. Although it is inevitable that humanity will reach this level after many years, scientists do not think that the Earth will last that long.

We don’t know about you, but we think the survival elements are overrated: What kind of game are we in?


If the universe were a video game, the genre of game we’re in is definitely a game. massive multiplayer online role-playing would be . In this kind of game, which we know as “MMORPG” with its English name; A server that can host more than 7 billion players sounds pretty impressive.

If we consider that the world has a certain order and every person has a place in this order, things get quite complicated. We all have a role in this game. As this is a more role-playing experience everyone on their own adventureHe directs himself and goes on with his life with the consequences of his decisions.

Those born in Europe cheat: What difficulty are we playing on?


This huge game, although it is in the role-playing genre, character customization We don’t have the screen. So like some games; we do not have the chance to determine critical factors such as where we come from, our physical characteristics and circumstances – at least when we are born.

If we were to accept the universe as a game and choose a difficulty for it as it is; we certainly could not determine that . Considering that every person in the world struggles with different conditions and difficulties and draws their own life line, we can come to the conclusion that everyone has a different choice of difficulty.

The interface is hidden by default: Where are our health bars?


Almost every game, although we can hide some has an interface . These interfaces; It contains many elements such as health, mana and stamina bars. In fact, we live in a similar way in real life. When we get sick, we become very weak, we don’t want to do anything. What will make us stand up again; healthy diet, sleep and medicine.

Sometimes we are too tired and we can feel a great reluctance even to go to work. We can get rid of this fatigue mostly by resting. Sleep, which is a natural state of rest, is actually one of the most important parts of our lives. So, we can think that we have health bars like in games. Assuming our age as experience points, level one playerWe can easily identify who we are.

The only thing that will determine everything: the future


We have emphasized enough on the ever-evolving technology. Let’s get back to the game side for a bit. game industry to the present situation when we look at; We’re seeing subscription systems proliferate, cloud gaming is on the rise, and VR, which we call virtual reality, is constantly evolving. A time will come when, thanks to a single subscription system, we will be able to instantly access the game we want via the internet from any device without any problems, and it will not make any difference from where we play this game.

Consoles, one of the most popular game devices of today, may not even be produced in the future. With the development of VR in a big way and the game companies virtual realityRealistic games that will be released with the investment it will make on the side will also succeed in bringing us closer to a more realistic gaming experience.


This experience will progress so much that we will be able to isolate ourselves from the real world with a single eyeglass and to our virtual life we will be able to reach. It seems that we will reach this development in the gaming industry, probably within 20 years at the latest.

In millions of years, we will be able to reach a level that will perfectly capture reality and create our own reality. The concept of time will also become such that the two-hour period we will devote to the game in our real world will be worth 80 years of life in the virtual world we are in. Long story short, A process in which we create our own reality is inevitable.looks like.

Let’s walk a little bit on simulation theory: Elon Musk also has an important sentence


Elon Musk, the manager of SpaceX and Tesla, argued that our world is a hyper-realistic computer simulation, and he did this through a video game illustration. Pointing to Pong, the game that was released in 1972 and about a tennis sport, Musk said that in 49 years progress in gameshad emphasized.

As Musk said; If we consider the progress from simple two-dimensional games to photo-realistic three-dimensional worlds, what will happen in another 49 years? progressWe cannot even guess.

Do you think we may be living in an extremely realistic game? Curious about your thoughts on this subject. we are waiting for you in the comments.

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